“Bishop J.W. Parks”


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Quiana Parks (b. 1986), and Lorenzo Hansford III (b. 2006)

Bishop J.W. Parks, 2018 


Faith and family are two of the prominent pillars displayed throughout Parks' paintings. Her grandfather, a bishop, oversaw several churches -- to include, St Peter Sounds Of Praise Pentecostal Fellowship Ministry, in her hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. It was here that Parks was introduced to and inspired by religious art.


Her brilliant message is best encapsulated through the pronounced brush strokes used on features of the bishop, and the vibrancy of the stained glass windows highlighted behind him. This image is representative of the location Parks saw her grandfather perform healing prayers. As a child, her grandfather would secure her in a room behind the beauty of these stained glass windows before he cast away the pains of his church-goers. Witnessing healing through the fragmented hues birthed her perspective utilizing art as a form of protection.


"Pentecostals believe in demonic spirits and their possessions of bodies. People frequented the altar in front of his pulpit where miracles were performed. Those who arrived afflicted would leave healed."- Quiana Parks