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Quiana Parks is a contemporary artist, cancer survivor, DJ, and philanthropist. Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, Parks' paintings have drawn upon the rich tradition within her community, and those of her current residence in Brooklyn, New York. And, while the creativity and strength inspired by thirteen years of surviving Lymphoma have been documented on canvas and in a plethora of publications -- QUIANA marks Parks' inaugural solo exhibition. 


Each work of art is an intimate unveiling of both her trauma and triumphs. This exhibition is an ode the Black experience, spirituality, legacy, and architects such as Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hammons, Frida Kahlo, and Christian Marclay. With her distinct autobiographical approach to illustration, Parks aims to honor her grandparents for their support and influence. 


"I want a young person to walk in my exhibition and understand that failure does not mean the end. Painting is where God is leading me. So, I have had to break away from what others had in mind for me and become okay with my mistakes," she affirmed. Get acquainted with the resilient makings of Quiana Parks.

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