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QUIANA PARKS breaks barriers and influences society through art and lifestyle in major brands, events, and other noble works. The Renaissance lady has excelled in art, deejaying, and social media.


Parks was named one of the Top 5 "New York DJs You Should Know" by Nylon Guys Magazine and has performed at Lollapalooza, Good Morning America, and Boiler Room. Crowds have turned to the tune of her turntables while being influenced by her multifaceted persona. Some have read about her in The New York Times, while others have seen her at many art openings and felt her addition to culture. 


Quiana Parks is powerful. A DJ, producer, Visual artist, Philanthropist, and Cancer awareness activist, she has attracted many brands that have partnered with her in the different spheres of her influence. Parks has sold out at Art Basel Miami, The Scope New York Art Fair, and several solo exhibitions. She worked with Mulberry, Toyota, Neiman Marcus, LVMH, Adidas, The Knicks, Essence, and LifeWtr.


Despite these alliances, Quiana Parks still finds time to DJ and win over music fans. She is one of the industry's most famous DJs with a demanding show schedule. Parks created "DJ For A Cure" to raise blood cancer awareness through her music.


Quiana Parks had Lymphoma for 17 years. During her treatment, she conceived peace and happiness in her art. "Sisters," one of her early works, depicts the love she got from so many women while in remission from cancer. Parks has championed cancer globally by selflessly helping others. She has used her platform to give other patients and survivors a voice. Her "DJ For A Cure" effort supports the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Delete Blood Cancer | DKMS, and Gabrielle's Angel Foundation. She was honored with a Toyota installation booth at CultureCon, a conference for creatives and changemakers of color who elevate their social network and leave a real mark on culture, for her social effect. 


Quiana Parks continues to mark her successful work. Her flair and creativity make her a role model for many young girls. Her work has received dozens of credits and featured in Highsnobiety, The Coveter, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times.

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