Quiana Parks is an African-American painter, philanthropist, social-influencer, and DJ. From Paterson, NJ, she has established herself as multi-dynamic artist. Art and music have been her means expression, since Quiana was a young child. A true Renaissance-woman, Parks captivates audiences with her effortless fusion of disco, pop, house, hip-hop and R&B. Quiana's interdisciplinary approach to the turn-tables elevates the DJ game and illustrates her true artistic  facility.

“I am shaken by the rich, yet untold history of people of color. My art is consequently driven by this and rooted in the principles and complexities of my ancestors. Though the history of the African diaspora remains largely unrecorded in history books and absent in the history of art, I share a narrative of my America—my journey as a black woman raised in Paterson, New Jersey—by painting portraits of my family, friends, and muses.” 

these ancestral gifts leak from my hands

i overflow into the cups of others

my work manifests into blessings

i see the world in color

hues with no names that move you

i make folks see sound

their feet lift from dance floors

their hands touch ceilings

i send spells from my fingertips

watch them vibrate higher

their eyes

their lips

their bodies turn to oil

i put them on stretched canvas

the gallery of my minds eye

for all of life to see

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